Entrepreneurial Nuggets: Thoughts on how to make money

Entrepreneurial nuggets is a cumulative consolidation of real practical capsules of valuable experiences and exposure accumulated over a span of close to two decades. Those that dare open this book will never want to put it down. These are more than theoretical nuggets only, but practical entrepreneurial nuggets combined with insightful reading of a wide range of entrepreneurial books, this is a collection of practical real fife ideals garnered from personal experiences of a former Group CEO of seven diverse companies with a host of his personal experience in business. 

The Author

Shephard Kembo is a distinguished industrialist, a business man and entrepreneur who has been involved with a number of start-ups, small and medium enterprises in Africa. 

He has immense passion for grooming, nurturing and raising business people and entrepreneurs in Africa. 

He has offered real life and practical entrepreneurial nuggets gained over years in the corporate world. 


He has been our CEO at Vaincourt Holdings where he gave me an opportunity to chair the board. A must-read book for current or aspiring business person." Bishop Caesar Magwentshu | Life Coach, Entrepreneur

"I have read the entrepreneurial nuggets book; it is quite inspirational and motivating for business start-ups." Dr Edwin Nharirire | Industrial Psychologist 

“A must have for all hustlers and serious business people" Vimbai E. Gomo | Entrepreneur


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