"Trade Secrets" for Business in South Africa

  • Written by Oscar Habeenzu
  • Published in Books

This is that little “keep quiet about it” book about doing business in South Africa, that after reading, you just want to have a coffee with a lawyer and accountant to help you protect your business ideas.

Before you start or grow a business in South Africa, ask yourself if your business concept is protected.

Have you ever wondered how a business like KFC, based on a recipe, can become the second largest fast-food business in the world, and even though it is a recipe, and that there are billions of small cooking-based food stall businesses world over, it still thrives even in a South African economy with the “Kota” on every corner?

What causes a single company like Huawei to be the centre a trade war between China and the U.S, a war worth US$200 billion per year, is the company’s ability to create and grow secrets in technology and business models so big that they halt economies.

Trade Secrets are a very important subject that business owners, small or large, must know and be able to protect their enterprise from start and growth levels as KFC, Coke and Huawei founders did.


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